To enable an end-to-end credit experience which supports credit origination growth and portfolio management through transparent and efficient processing empowered by an intelligent & compliant credit report.

Ask questions and uncover pain points

Reframe problems to solve

Create User Journey Maps

Obtain and leverage behavioral insights

Simplify and standardize design assets

Improve usability and accessibility

Visualize and clarify impact

Balance executional and strategic design efforts

Unified and Streamlined

Integrated Hub

Increased Capacity and Automation

Intelligent Process

Guided User Experience

Research Methods

We proceeded to conduct a heuristic audit of the platform, call logs and review of the documents. We then set up product surveys and interviews with internal users, that informed our understanding of the various pain points across the product experience and helped us aggregate artifacts and touch-points to inform the user journey.

Following, informed by gaps and problems to solve, we hosted insights workshops with leadership stakeholders where we discussed insights gathered to confirm objectives and facilitate decision-making on priority solutions for needs and pain resolution.

Map Scenarios & Journeys

In tandem with our foundational research, we worked to develop personas and journey maps to demonstrate additional value, impact and enhancement of the user experience.

After discovery on items deemed as high priority by leadership stakeholders, we categorized and prioritized inputs required to make innovation actionable to then provide ideas and recommendations on how to address them.

Silicon Valley Bank

Leveraging design to improve usability and user experience, optimize process and increase efficiency of the nCino Salesforce Platform, across the Credit Onboarding Department

Built upon the SalesForce platform, the nCino app replaces the retiring “TurboCar”, and functions as SVB’s loan origination system.

The ask was to work closely with the Credit Onboarding Product Team at SVB in order to >

Increase speed of product evolution

Align experiences to human behavior

Reduce burden within product delivery

Ensure digital experiences represent SVB brand values

Journey Map at a Glance

UX UI Designer



7 Months




Prioritization Workshop

Interview Insights Gathering

Document Review and Audit

Call Log Analysis

Prioritization Workshop

discovery phase

defining the problem + ideating solutions

Journey Map

Journey Map

Current State Blueprint


Personas at a Glance

Jobs to be Done

product vision

design priorities

product focused task

design role

Background + Objectives of the Project

Process and Design Approach

Understand the current state of the credit onboarding process, by mapping out the different stages, how users feel, their pain point and who is involved across the journey.

Understand opportunities in the current user experience and prioritize service improvement and platform efforts. Propose an improved future state highlighting problem-solving opportunities.

Provide context on the persona, their team, top role priorities, and their core motivation and needs surrounding Credit Onboarding. Provides top opportunities to improve the persona's experience.

Define, categorize, and prioritize inputs required to make innovation actionable.

Provide ideas and recommendations on how to address them. and the jobs to be done for product development

Create and Iterate Proposed Enhancement

Prototype criteria informed by goals, current state and desired impact to release schedule.

prototype solutions

Test, Refine, Advise

Conduct qualitative and quantitative user survey feedback on changes made. Refine and resolve prototypes by incorporating feedback. Create Design Specs for Developer Handoff.

user testing + iteration + handoff

what i came to do

What i did


victor corral

Director of design operations at svb



User Testing Survey

Design Specs for Handoff

Success Story Testimonial

Joined a department that was still adapting its strategy to integrate design as part of the product change lifecycle

Worked closely across teams within the Credit Onboarding vertical, to assess their needs and identify opportunities for design team-efforts.

Helped the client in 7 months fix the problem they were facing internally and adapting their product team to a prioritized backlog and new delivery lifecycle.

Created, tested and iterated design wireframes compatible with nCino's guidelines, by incorporating design changes to reduce cognitive load on user and increase ease of use.

12 Personas

4 Journey Maps

1 Service Blueprint

3 Usability Surveys

New Wireframes

The changes were implemented across the internal digital products within the bank, regarding credit onboarding term sheets, resulting in a widely recognized and appreciated impact among users and stakeholders.

“ Andrea, I want to thank you for being a part of our team this past year. I’m grateful for the time we had you and for the talent + skills you bought to the team and SVB.

You had a big impact in a short time and we will miss you, already do! “